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    Baso is the leader in China stain field and hematology analyzer reagent. The Fecal Occult Blood and Polybrene kit also had high market share in China.

The complete clinical diagnostic stain kit including "Hematology stain kit" and "Cytology stain kit" and "Microbiology stain kit" and Histology stain kit" and Reproductive medicine stain kit"....etc. They can meet clinical diagnostic stain needs. The high quality stain kit also upgrade the diagnostic result.

Baso's Fecal Occult Blood test kit offer the cost effective and simple way for colon cancer screening. The modified Pyramidon Semi-quantitative method provide more precise and stable result than other chemistry method.

The Polybrene kit provide a gold standard method for cross-matching blood test and antibody screening test.

Baso commitment to continuous innovation and quality improvement, and expect to reach the level of the world's first. We hope to share the good quality to every customer around the world.



Company Profile








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